On the 2 of December His Eminence Agafangel, Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail laid the foundation capsule and dedicated the construction area for modern spiritual educational  centre – parish church school, which will be built in the picturesque district of Odessa in the shortest time.

In his archpriest address, Bishop stressed that it was a landmark event not only for our city, but also the country at that time. For the first time since the October Revolution of 1917 the Parish Church School has been found in virtue of People Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Kivalov. There were thousands of parochial schools in our country up to 1917, where children studied not only primary disciplines but acquired spiritual upbringing. The centuries-old tradition of the school spiritual education was broken after the October Uprising. Now, after a secular interval, we were the first in Ukraine who laid the parochial school, which will have high-end equipment as well as meet high educational standards. I wish to put in remembrance that Sergey Kivalov initiated the construction of the first Ukrainian student Temple in honour of Great Martyress Tatyana in 2000, which became the landmark of architecture as well as spiritual beacon of Odessa region. The leaders of Odessa and Region, representatives of education, science and culture, politicians and public figures met here today. That was a vivid evidence of the consolidation of Church and society in the context of noble effort to revive the traditions of school spiritual education. I hope that we will soon meet here again to consecrate the constructed parish school, which will be attended by 1200 children. This school will be a spiritual centre where children can not only learn, but will have cultural and spiritual upbringing due the traditions of Holy Rus. I would like to bless and award the Honorary Citizen of Odessa Sergey Kivalov with Bishop’s Certificate of Merit, which will become a historical document, evidencing that today, on the 2 of December, the first Parish Orthodox School in Ukraine has been established. Besides, it will originate the revival of the whole system of parochial education in Ukraine.

In response, People Deputy of Ukraine S.Kivalov also noticed, “This is a historic day for all those here present, for all citizens of Odessa and for Ukraine indeed”. The present day, you highly respected Bishop have  laid the foundation stone of the country’s first parochial school. And I bring back to memory the events of year 2000, when you blessed us to construct the first Ukrainian student Temple in honour of Great Martyress Saint Tatiana. This church was constructed due to your prayer. And I’m confident that your prayer will allow us to complete this spiritual and educational centre, facilitated with splendid classrooms, library, assembly hall and swimming pool, at the earliest possible moment. And, certainly, a chapel will be built here, where students and teachers will be able to pray to God. I hope that this will allow us to bring up not only educated, but also moral girls and boys-future citizens of Ukraine.