Nightingale’s song on the Christmas Eve

Frosty morning on the Christmas Eve was especially mirthful and memorable for Odessa. Odessa was awakened from its winter sleep with nightingale son of 11 new Voronezh bells. We all keep in mind that those days the weather reminded us about itself in many ways, but on this particular day, the presence of God has been felt more than ever. After abundant snowfall, the nature reminded us about the importance and significance of this event for Odessa through its appeasement and clear winter sky.
On the eve of the Feast of the Nativity of Christ, on January 6, His Eminence Agafangel, Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail, consecrated the bells of Saint Sergius of Radonezh Temple of Ukraine’s first parish school in concelebration with Bishop Diodorus and local clergy.
In his archpriest address, Bishop stressed that these bronze masterworks will keep Odessa in peace, friendship and prosperity, “People, having heard these chimes, should become purer and kinder. Let the love of Christ, breaking the shackles of all human sins, stay in the heart of every individual”.
Metropolitan Agafangel acknowledged patron of the Temple People’s Deputy S. Kivalov, “Sergei Vasilievich is not only a statesman, but a religioner. And this is as it should be, whereas spirituality, science, culture and education have always been together”.
On this day, each one was able not only to peal hearing the velvety sound, but also feel oneself in the person of a chimer, as well as become personally certain how the bells are magnificent.
Afterwards, each guest could enjoy flavoursome tea with Lenten gingerbread or pie, as well as share impressions and take the only one decision: “We want our children to attend this school in particular”. S.Kivalov, initiator of the project assured the parents, “We should continue the school construction. We exalted the cross two and a half months ago, however today we have mounted the bells, but tomorrow we will paint the temple. Someone says that we should stop and wait for palmy days. But the construction of temples cannot sustain long-term interruption. If you have started something, you should accomplish it”.
We believe that these bells will be a predictive sign of the construction completion and will adorn our city, pleasing us and visitors with a beauty of their sound. We believe that the Ukraine’s first Parish Church School will soon throw the doors open for its pupils. And another spiritual heart of Odessa will beat in unison with spirituality, making the school one of the best in Ukraine.