The Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine

Date of birth: 05.11. 1944
Name Day: the 25th of June
Tonsured a monk: 18.03.1971

From 2014-08-13 up to the present day: Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

From 2014 up to the present day: Kievan diocese, eparch
From 2014-02-24 to 2014-08-13 Ukrainian Orthodox Church,

Locum Tenens
From 1990-12-09 to 2014-08-13 Chernivtsi diocese, eparch

Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufriy (Orest Volodimirovich Berezovskii) was born 5 November 1944 in Chernivtsi oblast in the village Korutnoye of Vashkovetska, now Vyzhnenskii district (Chernivtsi oblast), as the son of a priest. In 1961 he graduated from high school and studied at Chernivtsi Technical School (1962-1964). Afterwards he worked for construction organizations in Chernivtsi. In 1966, he joined the Technical Faculty of Chernivtsi University, and in 1969, after the third year, entered the second class of Moscow Theological Seminary, which he graduated from in the year 1972.

March 18, 1971 Onufriy was tonsured a monk and June 20, the same year ordained to hierodeacon. May 29, 1972 he ordained to hieromonk.

He was exalted to hegumen in the year 1980.
August 28, 1984 he was appointed a beneficiary of the church of Transfiguration of the Saviour belonging to the representative office of Athos in the village Lukino (station “Peredelkino” in Moscow Oblast).
From June 28, 1985 – Rural Dean of the Moscow Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra.
On Christmas 1986 he was exalted to archimandrite. In the year 1988 – graduated from Moscow Theological Academy as a candidate in theology.
In 1988 he was appointed Father-Superior of the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, where he had been pontificating till November 1990.

On December 9, 1990, he was ordained to Bishop of Chernivtsi and Bukovyna at the St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kiev.
In the year 1994 was elevated to the rank of archbishop and in the year 2000 to the rank of metropolitian.

By decision of the Holy Synod of Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the 24 th of February 2014 (Minutes no.1) was elected Locum Tenens of Kievan Metropolian See.
By decision of the Bishops’ Council of The Ukrainian Orthodox Church dating by the 13 th of August 2014 was elected primate of The Ukrainian Orthodox Church . .Enthronement of His beatitude Mitropolitian of Kiev and all Ukraine Onufriy took place in the Cathedral Square in front of Kievo-Pecherska Lavra Cathedral on the 17th of August 2014.