The Parish Church School of the National University “Odessa Law Academy” – construction nearing completion

A couple of decades ago, the main aim of the education was to acquire knowledge and skills, but in the contemporary era of high technologies, with abundance of gadgets and unlimited access to information, the race for knowledge is gradually going by the wayside. However, the course to the development of children’s personal qualities and critical thinking becomes preferred.

In addition, the moral education of youth remains significant too, because young people face so many harmful temptations nowadays that only moral individual can resist them. Unfortunately, Ukrainian contemporary system of school education pays very little attention to the spiritual nurture of children, while the moral and ethical foundations of behaviour must instilled even at school. Because the school’s mission is not only concerned with the studies of compulsory subjects, but the child’s harmonious development. It is excellent that a new school, focused on the moral education of the younger generation, will soon appear in our home-town.

Upon the initiative and due to efforts of honorary citizen of Odessa, President of the National University “Odessa Law Academy” Sergey Kivalov Ukraine’s first Parish Church School is being constructed, which will combine secular education and the studies of morality and religion. As a competent executive, Sergey Kivalov regularly inspects construction and gives important guidance to builders. And now, when the construction is nearing completion, Sergey Kivalov has visited the parish school again and assess the quality of the performance,

“As we can see, the major construction has already been completed, walls have been plastered and floors have been aligned, while glazing is in process. In the nearest future we plan to complete the installation of heating within all parts of the parochial schools, as well as to proceed to the finishing works such as wall painting and face decoration. It will be a very important working stage, because we want to make our school attractive so it could appeal to the eye of Odessa citizens. We keep the schedule of construction and therefore a competition to fill the vacancies of school teachers has already been announced. I hope that the Parish Church School will hospitably fling its doors open for the children of Odessa”, Sergey Kivalov said enthusiastically.

The Parish Church School will become an educational institution, where children will be able to acquire comprehensive knowledge as well as to develop harmoniously. There are all conditions for sports and creative development of children: indoor sports complex, a dance hall, various workshops on interests. And the most important thing is that the school will have a Temple of Saint Sergey of Radonezh, and children from an early age will be brought up through the atmosphere of faith, kindness and Christianity. The doors of the Parish School are open to everyone – little citizens of Odessa may study here regardless of their residence.