The education should be founded

upon people’s centuries-old traditions in order to be efficient.

If we break this tradition,

then we break up our own roots,

 all of these experiments will regretfully reflect

not only education, but our state.



Every nation, as any human being, has its own identity, which is expressed in mother tongue, adopted religion, traditions and customs. Everyone receives this social inheritance since birth: we acquired it from grandfathers and great grandfathers, and we should give it to our children.

Orthodoxy is the religion, which determines the culture of our country. Russ has chosen the European Christian way of development at the turn of the first millennium, and without knowledge of the fundamentals of Christianity, it is impossible to understand Ukrainian people’s history, culture as well as psychology. It should be remarked that such knowledge is significant for all our citizens, irrespective of their religious belief.

The principal objectives for today are: to create an atmosphere of peace and mutual respect; moral upbringing of the younger generation for the sake of our common future within the society. Formation of human identity and civilization development should be carried out due to the inclusion of cultural and religious heritage.

Certainly, when it comes time to send the child to school, many parents fall to thinking of what kind of school to send their child to. Someone wants his son or daughter to know English well, some parents choose the school where various disciplines are taught properly by highly qualified tutors. Most parents want their children to acquire not merely comprehensive knowledge, but model upbringing.

The Parish Church School is aimed to give children either. We are ready to share the unique centuries-old moral experience, combining teaching and nurture in order to form the child’s unique personality.

Why is this task allotted to the Parish Church School today, the answer is simple, school education is aimed to provide not only the transfer of knowledge to future generations, but generate values, ideals and guidelines to promote harmonious development of the child’s personality.

How will the pupils of the Parish Church School differ from the ordinary pupils?

We regard that the mission of the parochial school  is to educate harmonious type of individual, instil kindness, understanding and knowledge of the foundations of Orthodox faith, as well as their deep knowledge of academic disciplines for further life and education at the best higher educational institutions of the country.

In past centuries, humanitarian and moral foundations came first and were obligatory within education. Unfortunately, wealth is  a prime concern of contemporary society, which has made kids and teenagers become more aggressive and violent. But the parish school educates another kind of children providing not only fundamental, but moral, knowledge. Children who always forgive, never offend and distress. It is important to realize that moral nurture is equally important to primary education.

Children will study major subjects alongside with prayers and Divinity. Moreover, they will be able to fulfil their creative potential in the walls of the parochial school, which will hereafter, upon graduation, let them embrace profession and life journey dedicatedly. And we will do our best to let these children feel free and protected. Morality, politeness, modesty, humility, intelligence and tolerance – these are the qualities that will be instilled in the pupils of our school.

What will our children study at parochial school in addition to general subjects? Children will learn more about the moral origins of the culture of our country and its people during the lessons. Children will also cognize the significance of Christianity in the context of the European civilization and its formation. The greatest artists reflected the Biblical and Evangelical scenes on their canvases, however great composers and writers dedicated music and literary masterpieces. The faith and religiosity in architecture and sculpture are expressed through creation. What is the temple for each of us, and why is it necessary to respect the parishioner feelings. Every teacher’s word is intended to illustrate the pupils, what should a human strain for and what is the reason to live. Pupils will also get acquainted with the value of family and family harmony as well as the attitude to nature, environment and the world around us.

Pupils of the Parish Church School will learn not five hours a day, as pupils of comprehensive schools do, but much longer. Their day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m., in such a way the school would become their home away from home. Supplementary lessons, dancing, vocal and drama workshops, English and French classes, as well as games and activities will be provided instead of television and couch after the lessons. And every children’s performance, song, dance, or even a game, these children will be the reproduction of Biblical stories, love, peace and goodness.

What is expected to be a result of schooling?

In General, we desire to expand pupil’s humanities skills, broaden his horizons and perception of the world, through the insight into the world of culture, knowledge and Christian values. As a result, pupils should acquire such absolutes as: truth, faith, goodness, justice, love, without knowledge of which it is difficult to evaluate the propriety of one’s behaviour. It is hoped that the children will understand and accept the principal Christian tenet that only goodness and love can triumph over evil.

We live in a country with rich cultural heritage, and it appears to be important to give this national treasure to our children. Thus the resolution of the issue, in which country we all will live tomorrow, will only depend on the close cooperation of all participants of the teaching process: family, school, church and society.

Years will pass, and our children will grow up, and we will not always be able to be with them, but perhaps the word about God, goodness and truth heard in childhood, will sound at the right time, and will appear decisive in human’s life. Naturally, each undertaking is difficult, but the future of our children should not be indifferent these days.


Protopriest Sergey Kudarenko

Rector of the Temple of Sergius Of Radonezh

of the Parish Church School.