What do we owe to God!

When God finished Creation of the Universe, he placed man, as the living image and likeness of himself, in the hub of the universe and made him the master and guardian of everything. All the earth belonged to God, but the joy and the honour to work for Heavenly Father was given to man. The trouble started at the moment, when man thought that he is no worse than God, and that at least part of the God’s creation belongs to him personally, and that God has no right to restrict him in its disposal. God accepted the will of man and stopped the communication they had before. So the paradise was lost. But God didn’t leave people because of his kindness. From the very beginning He called people to revert to Him, appealing to those who remained loyal to Him. Together with Abraham we must remember that we are wanderers in this world, which we didn’t bring anything to and we will not take anything with us, when we leave it.

May the following words of Christ be a reassurance to us: “…for with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again…

Hasten to do good things! Any help for the completion of the parochial school is priceless. Children are our common future.

Are we really mean now?

Where are our good deeds?

Dear people, donate for the good.

Let the bells toll again!

We are not rich, why should we feel ashamed?

Any donation is good!

May the widow’s mite save your soul!

Details for donations:

Charity fund “Studencheskaya tserkov” (“Student church”)

Purpose of payment: Charity contribution for construction of general education parochial school.

Code 25829490

Settlement Account 26001311729801  in joint-stock bank “Pivdenny” MFO 328209



Brothers and sisters!

Every day the Church prays for donators, benefactors and blessing embellishers. These prayers will be worshiped at the throne of God as long as the temple exists.

Benefactor – is the one who creates the blessing by donating his labor, money or fruits of his labor for a good cause. As for the organization of temples, religious educational establishments, it lays the foundation for future generations. Our deeds will testify about us, about our internal organization, being a spiritual testament for posterity. So let us together construct the first Ukrainian parochial school! It is necessary for all of us!

You may contact for questions:

tel .: +380507732517; (048) 798-92-24
e-mail: ierej.svk@gmail.com